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I have been collecting glass jars lately because of their timeless appeal, they are pretty and classic, yet not fancy. They go well with minimal (my fave.) decor or any other style really. The jar in the middle wasn’t a candle jar but the other two are of course.

They are good to re-purpose because they have great lids that are air-tight, they are see-through so you don’t have to scramble through them if you lose something, and some of them have cute shapes.

To get all the label off, try freezing the empty jar, this will make the adhesive less sticky! After peeling it off, the residue left behind can be removed with goo begone. Spray the goo gone (or citrus cleaner will work) onto a hot, damp paper towel, then rub onto outside of jar. It should come off easily, if it’s still too sticky, you might need to wash it in dish washer anyways, and try to remove it again the same way if the dish washer doesn’t help. After doing this a couple times, it should not be sticky at all.