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Happy Friday the 13th. Hope you’re having a spooktastic day!

So.. I used a ballet pink shade as my base. It was an Ipsy color that I have had for a long time, since hair school! The silver that is on top is one of the OPI crackle tops. I know that the crackle polish didn’t really go over that well, but it is better than the Sally Hansen brand. At least OPI has really good quality, it’s a good texture, never too thin or too thick. You just have to be sure there isn’t a lot of the product on top when you do the overlay of any brand of crackle polishes, or else it is a total failure! Seriously, if you don’t lay it on there just right, and hold your breath while doing so, it won’t crack up at all, and instead looks like normal polish.

Do I recommend purchasing crackle shades with any line of polishes, no, that would be a negative! Spend your money on something that has a prettier finish and doesn’t look like a mistake or old chipped paint!


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