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Above, I am wearing the Babydoll shade. It is a nice warm nude color that doesn’t wash me out!

I’m so excited with these!! They work just as well as the twenty buck lip colors at Sephora. Seriously, for such an affordable makeup brand, I’m thrilled that these are in the same league as Kylie Cosmetics, Kat Von D, and Jefree Star.

The applicator is great length, perfect width and long enough, and kind of flat. After a couple minutes, it’s totally dry, and stays on as long as you don’t eat something really greasy. Doesn’t flake unless you rub your lips too much before it dries, or apply too much of the product. Make sure your lips are exfoliated well too so it won’t build up funny and crumble, but that goes for any lip stick really.

And in this pic I’m wearing my fave because of the berry undertone, it’s called Embellishment. This was taken after a day of work, see, it stayed in place the whole shift!