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Friends and family have commented that this reminds them of Beauty & the Beast!

Things to remember when creating a Centerpiece for your home ( in my opinion):

– Texture

Pop of color

– Functional

I am a fan of minimalism as far as decor goes. ( I’ve got way too many clothes to be a minimalist in the aspect of fashion!) I’m on Pinterest a lot, pinning clothes and recipes and some home decor that I find inspiring. I purchased a lantern from Houzz the other month, and I didn’t want to throw a candle in it, I wanted something striking. At first I got a bendable tulip and sat it in the middle, it was cute but basic, very mundane. That’s when I discovered fairy lights. I’ve had LED lights for a while in my bedroom, but never the ones like this. These make everything more romantic, and very pinterest-y! They have a more expensive look than the RGB lights.

They are from Target, and use AA batteries and are made out of copper wire so you can bend and arrange in any shape. It also says on the box that they are weather resistant which is cool! I think I’ll admire this from the inside though. It’s in the dining room for the time being.