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I noticed some females around my age already have Cellulite, which freaked me out. It’s dents on the back of your thighs that look.. Well, lumpy, because it’s fat deposits that make the pocket affect. I’ve read that men don’t really care about this bumpy look, but I would rather keep my legs looking tight and firm than lumpy and loose, for me, myself, and I !

So here’s all I did:

I put some Louanna scentless, tasteless, coconut oil in an old glass jar (glass ensures the mixture will stay fresh), then I added in a couple tablespoons of ground coffee, straight from the coffee container, and then I added in a bit of ground cinnamon. I whipped it together, and that’s it.

The coconut oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and just a good base for at home lotions and creams. Cinnamon stimulates blood flow, hopefully keeping fat from building up in pools! Coffee grounds also promote circulation and exfoliate skin.

Obviously I’m not a doctor so I don’t know if this will help, especially if you already have cellulite! I am doing this in hopes of NEVER obtaining cellulite cause I don’t find it appealing at all. Doing this for the same reason I try to eat right, excercise, get enough sleep, or anything that involves my own personal well being; wishing to preserve my body before anything gets out of hand lol.