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I didn’t have time to get my nails done before my cousin’s bridal shower, so I had to think quick. I went to Beauty World (a new one just opened really close to me, I love the selection!!) I found out they have a great variety of nails you can glue on. Some look like gel nails, and some are short, long, pointed, round, you name it!

The brand is KISS and it said they would stay on a week, however that’s very false. Even with the KISS glue, they were already falling off the next day after applying them. My right thumb nail came off two or three times, and a couple other nails came off, but I was extremely careful! I thought they would stay on more securely.

Oh well, at least they look really pretty and as if I got them done. I will use them again for special occasions but I don’t think I’ll purchase any more.