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These are all of my favorite candles from the Yankee Candle Co. I decided to get them all at the same time because I was running low on candles and with all the hurricane crap around here, it’s always a good idea for back up lighting!!

Clean cotton was probably my first love, as far as scents are concerned. It smells like laundry, and is way more crisp and fresh off a smell than any of the other cotton fragrances. (I don’t like sea island cotton or whatever it’s called, and the plain cotton one is alright but is lacking.) I kind of enjoy the peace and calm of doing laundry, so that’s part of the joy of this scent; clean linens are the best.

I’ve probably written about Pink Sands in college, it’s the main candle I remember having there. I can’t actually explain this scent. It’s almost fruity, but reminds me of all the beach houses I’ve ever visited.


The other candle is pictured above but you can’t see it too clearly, it’s Sun and Sand. It smells just like summer, sunscreen, tanning, and the hot humidity that I love so dearly about the best season of them all!

These are just extra goodies.