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Last year at Christmas my old co-worker gave me a Venus Embrace, which is a reusable, thick, super sharp and precise razor ‘for women’, although they’re no different than a man’s razor. The blades that came with it were big and they had 4 blades, so it was a very smooth shave! The body of the handle was gel, for a comfortable grip.

When I ran out of the blades that came with it, I decided to order some blades on wish. Com because they popped up randomly, and the price was only like 5 bucks or so for 18, 3 blade razor heads that would fit any nice reusable razors you can find. So I decided I couldn’t beat that!!

The blades work fine, but I will say that they are not as sharp as the razor blade heads that you purchase at stores in the USA. I shave twice a week usually, and can use these razor heads 4 weeks on average. That’s not bad considering the price I paid for them. I do wish that I would have ordered ones that were bigger with more blades, because that would ensure a softer, closer shave than just these 3 blade smaller ones. At least they fit and serve their purpose though!

I would repurchase these. I don’t recommend them for people who shave daily though or if you have thick hair, cause they won’t last long. Next time I plan on buying the ones that are bigger and look like what actually come on the Venus razor, cause those cut a lot closer.