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I spend my off days and some work days after I’m off, at poolside. I have countless bathing suits, they’re one of my favorite things to purchase too.

This beige one is from Forever 21. When this style was first popularized, I wasn’t that interested in wearing them just because I thought the high neck might be unflattering. I actually think this style makes a lot of sense though, you can jump and run and play without fear of a nip slip! Sure it’s not the best for tan lines, but I think it’s super chic and comfy.

Okay, so this red one is a two piece made to look like a one piece. I got it for cheap on WISH. I usually have great luck with WISH so I’m glad I gave this one a chance. It isn’t super comfy because it is structured at the bust, including underwire, which is very unnecessary, for me at least. It’s pretty easy to figure out, you cross the straps, and I think the X makes everyone look proportional or hourglass. Very happy with this purchase, it’s my mom’s fave suit on me!