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Ok, so usually I’m not very picky and have good luck with products. However, this will be a more critical post. I spent some time in CVS, looking at all the lipsticks because I was just tired of all the ones I have from home/am running low on lipsticks. So I went with this L’Oreal pro matte finish liquid Les Macarons kind and one of Revlon’s lipsticks, that one I will cover in another post. I should have just waited and ordered nice lippies from Sephora like I usually do.

This color is SUPPOSED to be a pinkish Earth tone but it doesn’t look anything like the bottle shade once you apply it, so that’s annoying. Instead of being more neutral in color or pinkish even, it’s red. It seems even more red in hue when paired with raspberry/burgandy/rouge clothing. I guess it’s okay for work, but I kind of just want to throw it away! What a waste.

BTW, to put it on accurately you must start in the center of the lip, stroke outward to each side, then do the other lip the same. Then make sure NOT to touch your lips together or else it will remain tacky all day and it’s awful, trust me! So yeah, that’s all I needed to make my life more difficult, a finicky lipstick. Smh. Oh yes, and it’s extremely hard to get off, I can only get it removed with coconut oil, and it still won’t all come off. Fun times.