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I’ve already been sick twice this year (within a month!) thanks to clients coming in sick. People especially love to bring in their sick children. It’s super lame and won’t change, but at least I can change how I deal with the common cold!

I hate being sick and don’t get sick days at my job which means I have to go in regardless of how I feel. I have used Zicam products fifteen years, and they really work for me even though they are all natural. I have found that as long as I take it as soon as I feel that dry scratch at the heart of my throat, I can shorten the duration of the cold and allieviate the symptoms greatly!!

The old pills they make that dissolve in your mouth are pretty nasty and I would never use those again, however they do work just the same. But why would you want to taste something gross if you could just snort it into your nose in two seconds?! Those pills have zinc in them and affect how sense of taste. This nasal drip doesn’t have zinc in it.

Also, you know how with cough syrups, you feel foggy headed and dizzy? Well this stuff doesn’t cause those issues because there’s no alcohol. It really doesn’t make me feel drugged up, but I can tell that it is soothing my throat and helping my sniffles.

So, the faster you realize you’re getting sick, the better it will be. A couple times when I was sick I tried to deny it, and didn’t end up taking the Zicam until I was already with a very sore, annoying throat ache. This means that it took longer to get over it cause I didn’t catch it soon enough. But it still cut the symptoms so much, that I was still benefitting from taking it. When taking it at the first itch of throat, it will often times never develop into a sore throat, it might just go straight to a mild case of the sniffles. The congestion will never be so bad that you can’t sleep or have to start breathing out to your mouth. It also won’t let you get the chills or body aches that usually accompany common colds. If I don’t take Zicam, my cold will last up to a week, but when I take this magic stuff, it has ended the sickness between 3-5 days. That’s pretty epic, right?!

This stuff is super! Don’t just take my word for it. You’ll thank me later.