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This cute little outfit looks as if it were sold together, but I actually got both of these items separately!

This little number is probably one of my recent faves, cause it includes pink and black (the best colors ever), shows my midrift, and reminds me of retro chic even though it’s very modern. I didn’t really expect them to pair together so well but I’m glad they have. It’s totally a look that is screaming Marina and the diamond vibes as well as 60’s inspired majorette. That’s what I think at least. How cute!

The top is from the Amber x Meshki collection and the short shorts are by Pretty little thing! I would say that the top is kind of tight, the sleeves aren’t comfortable even though I ordered a size larger than usual! The shorts are almost too tight as well, I’m glad they unbutton because there’s no way they would fit if I couldn’t undo them. So maybe order a size up on both of those sites.