Outfit of the Day: Hot Pink Hi-lo


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This summer I was on a mission to find a cute Hi-Lo style dress. They are made to be longer in the back, and shorter in the front, like a mullet, only cool and chic. I’ve been wanting one in my collection of clothes, and just hadn’t found the right one, that is, until I went to the mountains. In Maggie Valley, in a surf/ski shop, I found this perfect beauty of a summer dress.


Look how vivid it showed up! I paired it with my beige GUESS wedges, and the Elegance insued. This is my fave sundress ATM. The material is silky, with a ruffled up texture, so it doesn’t wrinkle and it can be dressed up with a belt. Or for a more casual vibe, it can be used as a bathing suit cover up!


Hair of the Day: Hairbow Updo


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I had been wanting to try this for years and never got around to it until recently. It is actually much more simple than you would imagine.


All you have to do is start like you are making a pony tail, but then don’t pull the tail through, so that it is stuck looking like a sloppy bun. Then you take the end and pull in forward and tuck it in to hide the hair tie. You can use a couple bobby pins to hold it there.


It is super easy, I can’t explain it that well. I wore it this way a few times this summer, and I always got compliments! It is very high fashion but at the same time lazy. It is great if you are low key about things like I am, and when it is freaking hot outside and you just need to throw your hair up, you can do this and still look fashionably cool.

Nails of the Day: Cracked Up


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Happy Friday the 13th. Hope you’re having a spooktastic day!

So.. I used a ballet pink shade as my base. It was an Ipsy color that I have had for a long time, since hair school! The silver that is on top is one of the OPI crackle tops. I know that the crackle polish didn’t really go over that well, but it is better than the Sally Hansen brand. At least OPI has really good quality, it’s a good texture, never too thin or too thick. You just have to be sure there isn’t a lot of the product on top when you do the overlay of any brand of crackle polishes, or else it is a total failure! Seriously, if you don’t lay it on there just right, and hold your breath while doing so, it won’t crack up at all, and instead looks like normal polish.

Do I recommend purchasing crackle shades with any line of polishes, no, that would be a negative! Spend your money on something that has a prettier finish and doesn’t look like a mistake or old chipped paint!


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Starbucks with the nephew pup


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This pupper knows how to have a good time! As I sat outside Starbucks with my fur nephew, Wally, I discovered that everyone instantly was in a better mood after coming in contact with him. Their eyes were aglow and several asked to pet him, many talked to him in a baby voice.

A barista came out and had a surprise gift for Wally, a pupaccino! I think it was just whipped cream, but he was trying to chew it like solid food, so it was very amusing!

Review: Tarte Illuminator


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I’m not one to go all out with makeup, I used to wear a lot more. I haven’t worn foundation in years, but sometimes I’ll wear blush, and since highlighters are trending, I tried out this one by Tarte. I really like it, I thought I might look greasy so I was hesitant to try it at first, but it’s a definite sparkle. It’s a perfect dewy glow, and doesn’t really look anything like sweat or wetness from oil, which would be gross lol. I feel like it brings out my cheekbone, and makes me seem more tan on the rest of my face. I also like to put it above my cupid’s bow to define my lips better.


Nails of the Day: DIY design


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When I was bored at work I decided my nails needed polishing. My eyes were drawn to this pretty blue, but something was missing, so I got creative. I did a white streak across one finger on each hand, and then black dots. I dipped a fork into black polish to come up with this unique design!

Perfume of the Day: Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford


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My latest scent is this beachy white sun by Tom Ford. It is a tad bit oily and has added shine with flakes of golden glitter within it. It reminds me of Bare Bronze by Victoria’s Secret, or Lilly Pulitzer’s Beachy. My fave scents are summer-y ones.



Vacay Shopping Haul


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My time in the smokey mountains led to a lot of shopping and eating, so no complaints there. I enjoyed a lot of candy, ¬†sniffing candles, some nice Italian food at a semi fancy J. ARTHUR’S, and a cute tasty baked potato bar at Sippers “where premium coffee meats small town America”. I went shopping for soap and jam at Cabbage Rose, a beautiful store with many North Carolina made lotions and candles. At Momma T’s Mountain Made had a wonderful selection of pet outfits and natural essential oil based products.


The clothes in this photo are from Maggie’s Gift Shoppe which has everything from ski wear to bathing suits. (I actutally bought more than is pictured, maybe I will post the other things later on!)


I like Simply Southern brand because of their bright colors so I purchased a headband with jellyfish on it. I got a long sleeved shirt that reminds me of PINK Victoria’s Secret style and design. And the two dresses are both pink so it was love at first sight. One has fish on it and can be used as a cover up, and the other one is a strapless high-low dress.

Maggie Valley, NC


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I used to go to the mountains every summer with my parents. We hadn’t been in twelve years yr so until this summer. The smokey mountains often have an appearance of fog moving over them, it looks like steam or smoke, hence the name. Usually a black bear is seen printed on shirts and keychains around town. It’s a very cozy place.


Jewelry of the Day: Aroma Therapy Necklace


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I am obsessed with essential oils and their relaxing and beneficial powers, so when I spotted this cute clay neck attire I had to have it. All you have to do is put a couple drops of your favorite aromas onto the hard  pendant, and the scent will be with you all day. It says it lasts twenty four hours, then you can put a new scent on it!

For instance, if you are feeling under the weather with a sore throat, you could sprinkle clove, tea tree, and lemon essential oil on the charm. Or if you are nauseated, try peppermint essential oil. Or if trying to get energized for a busy day, grapefruit and lime essential oil would be great! There’s a ton of different combos worth trying out!