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Today I tried this tanning lotion called Ruby for the first time. Ruby creates a chemical reaction and makes your skin sizzle.. seriously, you feel as if you are on fire! The sun activates it and it turns you bright red and stings your skin for a while, but after a couple hours your skin will turn from red to brown. It is silicone based and smells really good, like fruit. It also has a bit of instant bronzer in it. I put it on while laying out in the sun today and I already have pretty good tan lines. It is kind of painful for about 15 or 20 minutes, but after that it cools down and your skin just feels hot to the touch. Don’t be alarmed that it turns you bright red, because like I said, it’s supposed to do that before it turns into a tan. If you are a tough cookie and don’t mind going through some pain to get a golden tone, then you should check it out. I don’t recommend it to people with sensitive skin or people with a low pain tolerance though, because it is uncomfortable since it gets so hot. I thought I was going to burn up! Luckily since I tan well, I don’t plan on using it too many more times. I might would rather use my cotton candy scented baby oil, because I it doesn’t hurt at all.