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I have been meaning to try a diamond mask for years now and I just now decided to get one. I just found this one at Wal-Mart and I love the little package, it reminds me of sleepovers as a kid. I guess the “diamond” in this mask is really just a glistening mineral or rock, but that doesn’t sound very fabulous, I’ll pretend it’s the real deal! This mask only needs to stay on like 3 minutes, don’t leave it longer or it might sting, if you have sensitive skin like moi! I will say that my face felt very smooth and exfoliated, after use. I also enjoy that it lasts longer than a couple of applications, I have gotten a good 3 or 4 uses out of it and there is still product left. Maybe that is just cause my face is little. No idea. Treat yourself to one of these fun face masks though!! It’s worth it. Treat yo self!